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We are a caring employer that respects and values our staff very highly.

We always offer contracted hours (unless you prefer the flexibility of not working every week).  We won’t make you work more hours than you can manage and we always offer work settings where you will feel confident and supported in your role. 

We offer a reward scheme for outstanding work that contributes to the wellbeing and success of each clients’ person goals. 

Plus, we don’t expect you to work on your birthday unless you want to!

So, if you are interested in coming to work for us, please read what some of our staff have to say about working for Green Valley Care.

You might be very pleasantly surprised how varied and rewarding job this can be!

If you would like a full job description, and an application form please contact us.

We are always happy to hear from both experienced Support Workers and people with the right skills looking for a career change. We provide full training and support for all staff.

We have a diverse team of staff from a range of backgrounds. Some staff join us as their first career option, others have come to us for a career change after working in completely different roles such as retail, engineering, office work and armed forces.

A lot of men work for us and age doesn’t matter, as long as you are at least 18 years old.

Everyone brings something to the company, which ensures we get a good match for clients with staff to enjoy their time together.

I’m an experienced care and support worker who had been working in care roles for a few years before joining the company last year.

The move to Green Valley Care has been a very positive experience for me, working with an amazing, experienced staff team that has enabled me to become the support worker I always wanted to be. Being a support worker is a vocation that I always aspired to and now I’m fulfilling that.

There is never a boring moment in work and I’m constantly learning new things and increasing my knowledge. I take a lot of pride in being a support worker. When I support a client to achieve new goals I am very proud to be part of the team, enabling the individual to live independently in their own home, as well as supporting with access to the local community. I am looking forward to my future, working with Green Valley Care.

My day at work by J, female in her 20’s.

I’ve been with Green Valley Care for several years after a career in the army.

A typical day for me always starts with checking what’s been going on for the client since I was last in their home. This is either a handover from the previous support worker or reading through the records kept in the client’s home.

I assist male clients with getting ready for their day, as per their care plan. This might mean helping clients to choose what clothes are needed for the day, supporting to make meals, assisting with medication and transport to day services, by bus or car, as required.

For clients who are at home during the day I might be required to support with laundry, household chores, food shopping and handling money.

Some clients are very active and like to go out walking, swimming or cycling. This might be an organised group activity or with my one to one support. Others may wish to go to the cinema, bowling or visit places of interest to them.

 If I’m working in the evening or weekends, I support clients to social events such as meeting their family, friends and peer group. Some of the clients regularly go to the pub to play pool and darts.

I’ll be with the client until it is time to help prepare for bed, ensuring that he feels safe and secure.

The shift finishes after I update the client’s records about the support I’ve provided during the day.

Each client has different support needs, so no two days are alike. Some days don’t feel like work because it’s the best job I’ve ever had, working with people who trust me to help them achieve what is important in their lives. It’s a truly rewarding role being a support worker.

My day at work by D, male in his 60’s.

I have been with Green Valley Care for nearly a year and no two days or even hours are the same. I was hugely grateful for the opportunity to work here when they accepted my application. To be completely honest, I had no idea or vision of what my role would be like! I’m now at the stage where I feel really comfortable with what I do from day to day but I’m constantly learning.

I work in a household where there are other staff around me during the shift. I have an amazing, supportive team where I work, with a wealth of knowledge available when I ask questions or seek assistance from them.  I feel valued as a colleague and an employee. Everyone works together to make sure the clients are living their lives to the fullest whilst staying safe and well.

I support the clients in their own home and in the community, so it’s difficult to describe a typical day. That’s part of the beauty of this job. It can be challenging for me but rewarding and there are a variety of shifts available: long ones and short ones. Whatever I do, I am guaranteed to go home satisfied that I’ve helped empower someone to achieve what is important to them and made that little bit of a difference in a client’s life.

I hope that I will stay with this company to build my knowledge and experience to move into a senior position with more responsibility; but above all else, to be the best support worker I can be.

My day at work by B, male in his 30’s.